Diabetology Department

1) Diabetic Consultation

2) General Medicine consultation

3) Diabetic complication management

4) Insulin Therapy

5) Diabetes in pregnancy (Gestational Diabetes)

6) Diabetes with cardiac management

7) Diabetes with Renal disease management

8) Hypertension and Thyroid treatment

9) Routine Health checkup

10) Fitness certificate

11) Diabetic Prevention programme

12) Lifestyle modification


Ayurvedic Department:-

1)Ayurvedic consultation

2) Panchakarma treatment

    I. Snehan (Ayurvedic Massage)

    II. Sweden (Steam)

    III. Udvartana (Dry Powder Massage)

    IV. Vaman

    V. Virechana


    VII. Nasya

    VIII. Basti

    IX. Raktamokshana

    X. Sthanic Chikitsa

3) Yoga Consultation.

4) Nisargopchar(Naturopathy Therapy)

5) Ayurvedic Treatment for weight loss

6) Frozen shoulder treatment

7) Diabetic neuropathy treatment

Diet department:

1) Customized diet plan for patients

2) Diabetes diet counseling

3) Hypertension diet counseling

4) Cardiac diet counseling

5) Thyroid diet counseling

6) Weight loss diet plan

7) Weight gain diet plan

8) Diabetic renal diet

9) Obesity diet plan with lifestyle modification

10) Nutrition for pregnant women

11) Gestational diabetic diet counseling

12) Detox diet counseling

13) Cooking Diet Recipes

14) Online diet consultation

15) PCOD diet counseling

 Podiatry Department:

1) Diabetic Foot Care

2) Diabetic Neuropathy Screening & Management

3) Diabetic Vasculopathy Screening & Management

4) Diabetic Preventive Footwear

5) Diabetic Wound Management


 1) ECG

2) Biothesiometer (Neuropathy Screening)

3) Ankle-Brachial Index (Vasculopathy Screening)

4) Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS)

5) 24hrs BP Monitoring (ABPM)

6) Wound Dressing


1) Conducting Diabetes Educator Course

2) Conducting Research & Publication in diabetes

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